Cocker Spaniel Puppies & Litter Plans

We breed for ourselves when we wan a new show puppy,  any puppies we don't keep are then available to family homes.

If you are interested in a cocker puppy, and would like to be notified of our next Janan Cocker Spaniel Litter please use the form on the right.
Once we have a litter on the way or a puppy available we'll be in contact with more information, based on your preferences.

Meanwhile most of your general question should be answered below.

Cocker Spaniel Puppy Diary

If we currently have a litter on the way or puppies available, there will be a private Puppy Diary page set up for interested families to log in (on the right). (Each litter has its own unique password)

Keep up to date and watch progress through the pregnancy and whelping, see information about the Sire, Dam, their DNA Health Certificates, Photos and other relevant information should answer most of your questions about the litter. It also includes information about, feeding, toilet training, etc  

Watch the puppies grow and personalities develop over the first 8 weeks. We update with regular photos, we hope you enjoy the journey with us.

Janan Cocker Spaniel Puppies

All my puppies are Dogs NZ (NZKC) registered. Puppies sold for showing/breeding are on the Dogs NZ Full register and all others will be endorsed "not for breeding or showing". This is to help prevent any puppy I bred ending up in a backyarder/puppy farm situation.

Puppies come with:
Dogs NZ Registration (Purebred Papers)
Full Vet Check
6 Weeks Pet Insurance
1st Immunisation & Vaccination records
Life time advice and support for your puppy

Janan is a small show kennel and only breed a litter of puppies when we want a puppy for ourselves to show. When we have a litter we keep 1 or 2 puppies, and watch them grow and assess their personalities before making our own final selection. Consequently puppies that we don't keep are available as loving pets.

We do not breed puppies purely to sell, as raising a litter of puppies correctly and responsibly takes a great deal of time and commitment. All our dogs have been DNA tested for PRA FN AON EIC & PFK the heredity illnesses found in cocker spaniels and we only mate dogs that will not produce puppies with known genetic / hereditary diseases.

Puppies are born and reared in our home are well socialized and handled. We take all measures to keep them healthy and happy. Every pregnancy is supported by us to make sure everything goes as planned, including sleepless nights next to the whelping box. We are hands on with the puppies from day one. They are ready for their new homes from a minimum of 8 weeks of age.

All puppies come with their NZKC registration papers. There is no extra cost for this, as it’s your proof that you are getting the pure breed cocker spaniel puppy you have purchased. Puppies sold as pet/companion dogs will be on NZKC Restricted Registration i.e. not for showing or breeding. NZKC Full Registration is available only to pre-approved homes, so please discuss this option with me if you want a puppy for showing or breeding. We do not sell puppies with 'no papers' as we believe it’s your right to receive them at no extra cost, and consider them to be your confirmation of the puppy’s pedigree authenticity.

All puppies NZKC registered name will begin with our kennel name “Janan” followed by the name you choose from our list of current litter names. The pet name you choose for your puppy will be used from the start so that your puppy learns his/her name as quickly as possible.

When the puppies are old enough to play they become part of our family life for periods throughout the day to help socialize them and acclimatize them to a busy household. And in warmer weather they have frequent periods outside during the day. Weekly photos of the puppies will be available on the website on our ‘private puppy page’ as they grow so you can watch them develop and keep up with the latest news.

We are very conscientious about the puppies wellbeing and take proper measures, visits are by prior arrangement as the puppies have not received all their vaccinations and are susceptible to germs at this early age. It is no different than having a brand new baby - you wouldn’t want someone sick visiting them.

It is not possible to guarantee a puppy 100% - A puppy is a living being and we have no control over its new environment, food intake, exposure, life experiences, veterinarian care and socialization once the puppy leaves our home. We only breed from DNA tested healthy dogs to produce healthy puppies. Our dogs are very important and we hope you feel the same way, and because your piece of mind is important to us, your puppy will come with 6 weeks free pet insurance.

We encourage our puppy owners to keep in touch with us and we are available at any time for our puppies and owners for help and advice. We will take back any dog we have bred should their owner’s circumstances change and they requiring re-homing, hence we may occasionally have an older puppy or young adult available for a loving caring home.

Please feel free to contact me for information about my next planned litter or to discuss current availability, preferably by email. If I can't offer you a puppy I will try to put you in touch with another reputable breeder who may be able to help you.

General Advice

Types of Breeders
Different types of dog breeders, my opinion on the differences between A Reputable Breeder and the Puppy Farmer! This is a topic I'm very emotive about
Buying A Puppy
If you have decided a Cocker is the breed for you, its time to find a reputable breeder, they can match you with the right puppy for your lifestyle.

Cocker Spaniel Puppies
Planned for Late spring/Early Summer

Possibly Available
7mth old Orange Roan, Girl

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        Puppy Enquiry Form

Gender: Some people have a definite preference, but if you're not sure or more interested in personality tick the either box as well.

Colour: Roan i.e. Blue Roan (black with a mix of white) or Orange Roan (gold with a mixture of white), or occasionally Blue Roan and Tan. We don't breed solids - plain gold or plain black.

Older Puppies & Retired Dogs
Sometimes we have older puppies (6-18mths) available who might not enjoy showing, so we'd rather they go to a family home. These puppies are a great option if you don't want to go through all the "baby stages"

We also occasionally have a retired show dogs who would enjoy being a family dog. These dogs are usually 3-5yrs+

If you are interested in an older puppy or retired show dog, please use the form below and we'll contact you.

        Older Puppy or Retired Cocker Enquiry